15 Vacation Spots That Used to be Cool, But Aren't Anymore

Cancun, Mexico: Known for its crowded beaches and party scene, some travelers seek quieter Mexican destinations.

Venice, Italy: Overcrowding, rising water levels, and expensive prices have led to Venice's decline in popularity.

Bali, Indonesia: Once a serene paradise, Bali has become crowded and commercialized, losing some of its charm.

Phuket, Thailand: High tourism levels have led to environmental degradation and overcrowding on this Thai island.

Ibiza, Spain: Renowned for its nightlife, Ibiza has become increasingly expensive and exclusive.

Mykonos, Greece: Overpriced and overcrowded during the summer season.

Santorini, Greece: Known for stunning sunsets, but has become expensive and overrun with tourists.

Machu Picchu, Peru: Overtourism and restrictions on visitor numbers have diminished the experience.