These are the top 10 unhealthiest states in America: Study

Mississippi: Mississippi often ranks as one of the unhealthiest states due to high rates of obesity, smoking, and chronic health conditions.

Louisiana: Louisiana faces health challenges related to obesity, poor diet, and limited access to healthcare services in some areas.

Arkansas: Arkansas has struggled with issues like obesity, limited access to healthcare, and high rates of smoking.

Alabama: Alabama faces health disparities, including high rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

West Virginia: West Virginia has had one of the highest obesity rates in the country and faces challenges related to healthcare access and poverty.

Kentucky: Kentucky deals with health issues such as obesity, smoking, and chronic diseases, contributing to its lower health rankings.

Tennessee: Tennessee grapples with high rates of smoking, obesity, and limited access to healthcare services in some areas.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma faces health challenges, including obesity, smoking, and high rates of cardiovascular diseases.