The Unhealthiest City in Each State

Alabama - Selma: Selma has faced challenges related to poverty, access to healthcare, and high rates of chronic diseases.

Alaska - Bethel: High rates of alcohol abuse and limited healthcare access are concerns in Bethel and some other Alaskan communities.

Arizona - San Luis: San Luis faces health disparities related to poverty and limited access to healthcare services.

Arkansas - Helena-West Helena: Poverty and related health issues have been persistent problems in this area.

California - Compton: Compton has faced health disparities related to violence, obesity, and limited access to healthy food options.

Colorado - Pueblo: Pueblo has had high rates of obesity, smoking, and other health issues.

Connecticut - Bridgeport: Bridgeport has faced challenges related to poverty, healthcare access, and disparities in health outcomes.

Delaware - Wilmington: High crime rates, poverty, and associated health issues are concerns in Wilmington.