The Most Populous Cities in America

New York City

New York City, the "Big Apple," tops the list with 8.4 million residents. NYC's Times Square, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty always captivate visitors.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles ranks second with 4 million residents. LA has beautiful beaches, cultural variety, and a strong arts scene outside Hollywood.


Chicago, the "Windy City," ranks third with 2.7 million people. Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, blues, and architecture.


Houston, Texas' largest city and the fourth most populated in the nation, has 2.3 million residents. It's an energy powerhouse with great Tex-Mex.

Arizona's Phoenix

Phoenix ranks fifth with nearly 1.7 million citizens. This desert city has beautiful scenery, mild weather, and a growing tech sector.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love," ranks sixth with 1.5 million residents. Philly has Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell as the nation's birthplace.

San Antonio

San Antonio ranks eighth with 1.5 million residents. The city's culture, cuisine, and Fiestas reflect its Mexican-American roots.

San Diego

San Diego, with 1.4 million population, ranks sixth. Water activities and hiking abound here.

Dallas, Texas,

Dallas, Texas, ranks tenth with 1.3 million people. Its artistic district and Old West feel combine modernism with heritage.

San Jose

San Jose, with 1 million citizens, completes the top 10. Silicon Valley's capital is a tech hub and innovation center.

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