The Best Hole-in-the-Wall Joints in America for a Good, Cheap Burger

Hodad's - San Diego, California: A legendary beach shack known for its massive, tasty burgers.

Keller's Drive-In - Dallas, Texas: A classic drive-in with excellent cheeseburgers and a nostalgic atmosphere.

The Apple Pan - Los Angeles, California: A cash-only joint that's been serving up delicious burgers and pies since 1947.

The Varsity - Atlanta, Georgia: An iconic spot for chili dogs and burgers, serving loyal customers for decades.

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, Minnesota: Home of the famous "Jucy Lucy" burger, stuffed with molten cheese.

Dyer's Burgers - Memphis, Tennessee: Famous for deep-frying their burgers, resulting in a unique and delicious taste.

Louis' Lunch - New Haven, Connecticut: Claimed to be the birthplace of the hamburger, serving simple but flavorful burgers.

Burger Joint - New York City, New York: Hidden behind a curtain in the luxurious Le Parker Meridien hotel, this place serves no-frills, delicious burgers.