The 8 Forgotten Cars of The 1980

Yugo GV: Produced in Yugoslavia, the Yugo GV was known for its low price but also for its low quality and reliability issues.

Renault Fuego: This sporty coupe had unique styling but was overshadowed by other performance cars of its era.

Pontiac Fiero: While it gained a cult following, the Fiero's reputation suffered due to engine fires and mechanical problems.

Chrysler LeBaron: A popular luxury car in the 1980s, the LeBaron is now largely forgotten.

AMC Eagle: One of the first crossover vehicles, it was ahead of its time but never gained widespread recognition.

 DeLorean DMC-12: Made famous by its appearance in the "Back to the Future" films, it was an interesting concept but had a short production run.

Chevrolet Citation: One of GM's front-wheel-drive cars, the Citation was not remembered fondly for its quality.

Mercury Lynx: A compact car that has faded into obscurity compared to its more well-known competitors.