Surprising Things That Happen To The Male Body

Men struggle to identify some colors

Yes, men and women do see colors differently, with males particularly struggling to identify certain shades of colors such as yellow or green.

Men fart a lot

Men beat the ladies when it comes to flatulence. Probably not something males are too proud of, but indeed they are a lot gassier. The reason, though, remains a mystery.

Men can get breasts

Men can develop a condition known as gynecomastia, where breast tissue actually grows. This can be due to hormonal issues.

Fetal penile erections

Yes, male fetuses can have erections in the womb. These in-utero erections are apparently a way to keep the tissues oxygenated.

Men gain weight after marriage

This might have something to do with increased sedentarism, changes in diet, getting older, and hormonal changes.

Men go through andropause

Men have their own version of menopause. The common adverse effects they experience  are largely due to a drop in the level of just one hormone: testosterone.

Men can get yeast infections

Men are not as prone to yeast infections, but they can get one through sex with someone with an active infection, or as a result of poor hygiene.

Men have a peculiar odor

Men secrete a pheromone called androstenone through both urine and sweat. This pheromone, which is secreted thanks to testosterone, smells differently to different people.

Men sweat a lot

In general, men sweat more than women. This means that men's sweat glands release more sweat than women's at a given temperature.

Men can lactate

This is indeed very rare, but can happen. For this to take place, a spike in the production of the hormone prolactin  must occur.

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