Sneaky Causes Of Acne You Might Not Expect

1. Use The Wrong Skincare Products

Some skincare products can clog pores or irritate skin, causing acne. Comedogenic oils, thick moisturizers, and harsh chemicals may cause breakouts in sensitive people.

2. Dirty Pillowcases And Bedding

Oil, filth, and bacteria accumulate on pillowcases and linens. Unwashed bedding can transfer contaminants to your skin, causing or worsening acne.

3. Stress

Hormonal changes caused by stress increase oil production and inflammation, which cause acne. Stress management through relaxation or mindfulness can assist.

4. High-Glycemic Diet

Sugary snacks, white bread, and processed foods elevate blood sugar and insulin production. Hormonal changes may increase acne by increasing oil production and irritation.

5. Heavy Cosmetics Or Makeup

Heavy cosmetics or makeup can block pores and trap microorganisms, causing outbreaks if not removed before bedtime.

6. Frequently Touching Your Face

Touching your face often can transmit dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your skin, causing acne. Minimize facial touch throughout the day.

7. Using Electronic Devices

Cell phones, headphones, and other electronic equipment that touch your face can house bacteria and oil, causing "acne mechanica" (friction or pressure-induced acne).

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