8 Smartest Breed of Dog, According to a Study

Known for their exceptional herding abilities and high intelligence, Border Collies are quick learners and excel in various tasks.

Border Collie

Poodles are highly intelligent and come in various sizes (Standard, Miniature, and Toy), making them versatile companions in various roles.


Often used in police and service work, German Shepherds are intelligent, trainable, and exhibit strong loyalty.

German Shepherd

With a friendly and gentle demeanor, Golden Retrievers are not only intelligent but also excel in tasks that require empathy and connection.

Golden Retriever

Known for their alertness and loyalty, Dobermans are intelligent dogs that can excel in various roles.

Doberman Pinscher

These small herding dogs are quick thinkers and have a strong desire to please, making them trainable and responsive.

Shetland Sheepdog

Labradors are not only friendly and versatile but also highly intelligent, often used in roles like service dogs and search and rescue.

Labrador Retriever

Despite their small size, Papillons are intelligent and excel in various canine sports and activities.