Best Locations For White Water Rafting

Colorado River, USA

Raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Experience breathtaking scenery and thrilling rapids.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Raft the Zambezi River to see Victoria Falls. This adrenaline-pumping trip is breathtaking.

Futaleufú River, Chile

The Futaleuf River is known for its turquoise water and heart-pounding rapids. It flows through the beautiful Patagonian scenery.

Noce River, Italy

In the Italian Alps, you can go down the Noce River for a mix of excitement and peace. It's a great place for both new and expert rafters.

Franklin River, Australia

Rafting down the Franklin River is a great way to see the remote forests of Tasmania. Get lost in the beauty of nature.

Sunkoshi River, Nepal

Nepal's culture is beautiful, and rafting on the Sunkoshi River is a lot of fun. Enjoy a different kind of adventure with both waves and calm places.

Ocoee River, USA

The Ocoee River is in Tennessee, and it is known for its exciting white-water boating. It's a place that thrill-seekers like to go.

Bio Bio River, Chile

You can raft down the rough Bio Bio River in Chile, which is bordered by lush forests and wild land.

Tatshenshini River, Canada

Take a trip along the remote Tatshenshini River in British Columbia, Canada. See beautiful mountains and a lot of wildlife.

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