Places In The U.S. Where You Can Live On $1,500 A Month

Rural Areas: Many rural regions, especially in the Midwest and Southeast, have a lower cost of living.

Small Towns: Small towns in various states often offer more affordable housing and living expenses.

South Texas: Some cities and towns in South Texas, like Brownsville, can have a lower cost of living.

Southeastern States: Parts of states like Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina offer relatively low living costs.

Midwest: Cities in the Midwest, such as Wichita, Kansas, and Omaha, Nebraska, are known for their affordable housing.

Great Plains: States like North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska have areas with lower living expenses.

Appalachia: Certain areas in Kentucky and West Virginia have a lower cost of living.

New Mexico: Some towns in New Mexico, like Las Cruces, have a relatively low cost of living.