People Are Abandoning Disney Parks

Disney parks as the ideal vacation destination because they are family-friendly, entertaining, and located in balmy climates.

The only disadvantages are the price and the fact that these locations are typically very crowded due to their popularity.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Disney parks, with holiday weekends at Disneyland in Anaheim, California

crowds tend to be at their peak" during the Fourth of July holiday week in Orlando, Florida.

There were reportedly a number of activities scheduled for the holiday, including the House of Mouse Independence Day celebrations.

A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky," and Epcot's "The Heartbeat of Freedom," but there were few attendees.

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom had lower wait times than Disneyland and other Orlando theme parks.

The reduction was due to stagnant Hulu and Disney+ subscriber growth and a general apathy in paying for ESPN.

The financial advice firm also noted lower theme park attendance in April and May at Disneyland and Disney World, which fell short of Disney's forecasts.

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