8 Side Effects Of Drinking Coffee

Insomnia: Caffeine is a stimulant that can interfere with your sleep patterns, leading to difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, especially if consumed too close to bedtime.

Jitters and anxiety: High doses of caffeine can lead to restlessness, nervousness, and anxiety, commonly referred to as "coffee jitters."

Digestive issues: Coffee is acidic and can irritate the stomach lining, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort, acid reflux, or gastritis in some individuals.

Increased urine output: Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it can increase urine production, potentially leading to dehydration if not balanced with adequate water intake.

Teeth staining: The dark pigments in coffee can stain teeth over time, causing discoloration and a need for dental care to maintain a bright smile.

Increased heartburn: The caffeine and acidity in coffee can trigger or worsen heartburn or acid reflux symptoms in individuals prone to these conditions.

Increased heart rate: Coffee can temporarily raise your heart rate and blood pressure due to its stimulant effects, potentially causing palpitations