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Matching Halloween Costumes For You And Your Loved Ones

A Clockwork Orange

Classic among classics. A striking and simple costume that will provide the intended effect. Instead of jockstraps, wear a white jumpsuit and pants over it.

Star Wars

Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' gathered her family to make a Star Wars ensemble. You can do that too!


Yes, it's been done before, but that's because it's such an iconic Halloween costume! Also, the makeup is not as easy as it seems! It has to be accurate.

Bridgerton dames

Wigs, dresses -- Although difficult, this costume is fantastic! Make up like you've been attacked by a savagely gorgeous Duke to give the Netflix blockbuster's ladies a taste of gore.

Game of Thrones

The nicest thing about this costume idea is its unlimited possibilities. Dany and her dragons, the Stark family, or Hodor to the red woman are all options.

Tiger King

At Halloween, the Netflix series' main character's gaudy, seventies personality can live on. If there are enough people, half can be Joe Exotic and half tigers.

Money Heist

"It was the dog!" Bring your partner in crime this Halloween (and your patsy too!), dressed up as characters from the hit TV series 'Money Heist'.

A cowgirl and her cow

Ideally, a "cowgirl" should have a "cow", right? So this Halloween costume duo makes perfect sense.

Squid Game soldiers

This is a suit that a lot of you may already have in your wardrobes from previous years. Why not wear it again? It's still scary. And did you know 'Squid Game' is coming back for another season?

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