Lufthansa Reveals Changes Coming to Business Class Seating

Business class accommodation on the 747-8 aircraft operated by the German flag carrier Lufthansa will soon be modified.

The airline intends to reduce the size of one of the business class seats on one of its two tiers.

Boeing is the manufacturer of the 747-8.

Nonetheless, this will be regarded as an improvement, given that Lufthansa is experimenting with the expansion of business class in its entirety.

Nine berths are scheduled to be eliminated from business class on Lufthansa. Its objective is to enhance passenger convenience through the provision of a more spacious and accessible Allegris cabin.

Lufthansa is renowned for its accommodations, incorporating them into the redesign of business class is proving to be challenging. Weight distribution issues between the upper and lower decks are also a possibility.

It is stated that the reduction in business class seats will assist in resolving this matter.

Lufthansa operates a fleet of 19 Boeing 747-8 aircraft. The aircraft retrofitting is anticipated to be completed by 2026. Further details are anticipated to become available in the near future.

In the interim, Lufthansa has recently disclosed a novel financial accord. 

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