JetBlue Reportedly Dealing With Internal Unrest

JetBlue Airways appears to be embroiled in multiple legal proceedings and is rumored to be embroiled in an employee revolt concerning the airline's financial decisions.

JetBlue experienced less-than-satisfactory third-quarter earnings, was sued by the United States Department of Justice regarding its prospective merger with Spirit Airlines, and was ordered by a judge earlier this year to sever its alliance with American Airlines.

JetBlue's products are generally well-received, the airline appears to be experiencing financial difficulties.

Although it was believed that the acquisition of Spirit would be beneficial, JetBlue appears to be in the crosshairs of the Biden administration's antitrust case crackdown. 

Some JetBlue employees have noted that the airline not only paid Spirit $3.8 billion (some say overpaid), but they continue to pay Spirit shareholders regardless of the outcome of the current antitrust lawsuit.

Even in the event that JetBlue prevails in the DOJ prosecution, it remains obligated to reimburse the Spirit airlines for the expenses incurred in the process of acquiring the airline.

JetBlue maintains a positive industry reputation with regard to the flights themselves, despite its many positive attributes.

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