Interior Designers Love Hobby Lobby's 7 Things

Artificial Greenery

 If you glance around your area and feel like something is lacking, a faux tree or floral arrangement may provide a tiny accent that finishes a space.”

Pots And Pottery

They have so many styles, sizes, and colors. The pots are great for the modern-organic aesthetic that is so prevalent right now.

Floral Stems

These designers decorate with more than just fake greenery. Flowering artificial stems are stylish too.

Nordike like them for table vases and floor pots. I sometimes remove some of the green leaves and leave the flowers to create a more airy feel.

Wall Mirrors

Beautiful, cheap mirrors are rare. Hobby Lobby has many, but she prefers one shape.

Psuedo Vintage

We should all have a treasure trove of heirlooms and antiques. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, and finding an authentic piece for your home might be difficult.

Cabinet Refreshers

Small details may transform your area. With a few Hobby Lobby products, crafty home DIYers may replicate kitchen and bathroom cabinet update.

Holiday Decor

Holiday and seasonal decorations are plentiful at Hobby Lobby. Festive decor this charming and economical makes summer cookouts, fall mantels

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