Horse Friendly Cities


Lexington is known as the "Horse Capital of the World." It is home to a plethora of horse ranches, horse racing courses, and equestrian activities. 


Ocala is surrounded by beautiful horse farms and has good riding trails. The city's equestrian community makes it a horse lover's paradise.


The wonderful southern hospitality of Aiken extends to its horse-friendly environment. It's a horse owner's ideal destination, with several equestrian.


Tryon has evolved into a prominent equestrian destination, complete with world-class facilities. It is home to famous horse events and a thriving equestrian community.


Wellington is well-known for equestrian sports such as show jumping and dressage. It's a lively city with a significant equestrian presence.


The picturesque streets of Middleburg are lined with equestrian stores and elegant dining facilities.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe has beautiful pathways and a tranquil atmosphere for equestrian riding.  The city's passion for horses is evident in its equestrian festivals and activities.


Equestrians seeking a calm escape with their beloved horses are drawn to Amissville's small-town charm and horse-friendly services.

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