Here’s Why There Are 10 Hot Dogs in a Pack, But Only 8 Buns

A longstanding culinary dilemma has finally come to an end, and we are prepared to rectify this situation. 

 It is clear to you what we are referring to. While attempting to prepare for a backyard celebration, you consistently purchase more hot dogs than buns at the store. Ugh!

Although it is commonplace to receive ten hot dogs and eight buns per delivery, that does not lessen the annoyance associated with the situation.

That has been the case forever. However, wouldn't it make logic to have the quantity of hot dogs and buns per package coincide?

It is extremely irritating to have to purchase at least two packets of buns per pack of hot dogs at the grocery store in order to ensure that no dog is left alone. 

The "Condiment King" Heinz, however, has chosen to intervene in the age-old controversy.

Officially, July is National Hot Dog Month. In observance of the occasion, Heinz and Wonder have formed the Heinz Hot Dog Pact

A large hot dog manufacturer and a large bun manufacturer reach an agreement on a singular quantity of products per package: ten. This is without a doubt a cause that we can generously support.