Here Are The 4 Egg Types You'll Find At Every McDonald's

Egg McMuffin Egg: The classic folded egg patty used in the iconic Egg McMuffin.

Round Egg: A perfectly shaped, freshly cracked egg cooked on the grill.

Scrambled Eggs: Soft and fluffy eggs, often found in breakfast platters and burritos.

Folded Egg: An egg omelet folded into a square shape, commonly used in breakfast sandwiches.

Egg White Delight: A healthier option featuring a round egg made with egg whites.

McGriddles Egg: A small, round egg patty specifically for McGriddles sandwiches.

Biscuit Egg: Tailored eggs for breakfast biscuits, often found in Southern-style breakfast items.

English Muffin Egg: Designed for breakfast sandwiches with English muffins.