Eco-Friendly US Cities

San Francisco

California's San Francisco is renowned for its progressive environmental initiatives.  The city intends to accomplish zero waste by instituting innovative recycling programs and promoting composting.


Portland is a leader in urban planning for sustainability. Using its extensive network of trails and cycle lanes, the city encourages bicycling and walking. Portland has become a hub for solar and wind power initiatives.


Seattle is known for its environmentally progressive policies. The city actively promotes ecological architecture, urban agriculture, and sustainable modes of transportation.


Austin is a pioneer in terms of sustainable living. The city promotes energy-efficient building practices, water conservation, and alternative modes of transportation.


Denver embraces a sustainable way of life and is committed to preserving its natural environs.  The municipality supports initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promotes renewable energy.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Santa Fe's unique cultural heritage and commitment to the environment go hand in hand. The city emphasizes sustainable architecture, encourages water conservation.


Cambridge is home to universities with an international reputation and a strong commitment to sustainability. The city promotes renewable energy, bicycle-friendly infrastructure.


The city is actively pursuing 100 percent renewable energy by 2045, and residents are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly practices. Honolulu is a model for sustainable tourism due to its beautiful beaches.

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