Do You Do These 11 Little Things When You Get Home?

1. Change Into Comfy Clothes

Whether males change into sweatpants and a t-shirt or ladies take off their bras and change into pajamas, comfy clothing are a rite of passage for many people arriving home.

2. Say Hi to Their Pets

Your dogs greet you. To avoid repeating this habit, I stare straight ahead and walk forward while putting my baggage and coat away if the dogs try to climb on me.

3. Lie Down

Unsurprisingly, many people "take a load off" and head straight to the nearest couch or cozy chair. I can say it's one of the nicest post-work feelings.

4. Place Keys Correctly

Returning home means dropping keys! Mishaps happen. One woman admits, "I only let myself put my keys down three times." “I searched for 20 minutes this morning.”

5. Take a Big Sigh of Relief

When every day is a struggle, walking into your front door is a huge sigh of relief. I say, "Oh, thank God, I made it."

6. Remove Shoes

Many people think it's a big no-no to keep their shoes on in the house, so the first thing they do when they get home is take their shoes off.

7. Open the Refrigerator

Some women explore the fridge upon arrival, but men do it more often. Many folks open the fridge out of habit, even if they're not hungry!

8. Use the Bathroom

Many utilize their own toilets when nature calls. Unfortunately, they burst at the seams at the end of the workday and race to the bathroom when they get home.

9. Wash Their Hands

The COVID-19 epidemic has long-term consequences on the general population, and one of the biggest changes since 2020 is that more individuals wash their hands when they get home.

10. Announce Their Arrival Loudly

Many people, including those who live alone, yell their arrival. Some claim it's a funny bad habit they learned early on, while others say it excites their pets when they get home.

11. Water Their Houseplants

Some people who like houseplants put their things down when they walk in the door, then pick up the watering can and take good care of their plants.

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