Costco’s New Chocolate Chip Cookie Has Arrived

Due to the frequency with which I visit Costco, I am constantly confronted with its food court as I depart the establishment. 

Its inexpensive pizza segments and hot dog combos for $1.50 are my favorites, whereas its roast beef sandwich for $10 is considerably less so. 

A mango smoothie was introduced a year ago, and reviews indicated that it "tasted like baby food." 

 After reintroducing scallions to the food court for its hot dogs, the establishment augmented its dessert selection with strawberry soft serve. 

As a result, the cherished churro is being phased out in favor of a brand-new enormous confection.

After navigating a congested store, this chocolate chip cookie is a suitable way to relax with its solid and standard composition.

Even after consuming a quarter of it, enduring something of this sweetness could quickly become a struggle. 

The new chocolate chip cookie from Costco is likely nothing you have never before tasted in your cookie-eating history.