10 cat breeds that like water

This breed is often referred to as the "Swimming Cat" due to its fondness for water and strong swimming abilities.

Turkish Van

Many Maine Coons have been known to play with water and even dip their paws in it. Their water-resistant fur might contribute to their tolerance of water.

Maine Coon

Bengals are curious and active cats that may show interest in playing with water. Some owners have reported Bengals enjoying water activities.


Abyssinians are curious and energetic cats that might not mind getting a bit wet while exploring new things.


This large, fluffy breed is said to have a fascination with water and might enjoy playing with it on occasion.


Some individuals of this breed have shown an interest in water and might play with it from time to time.

Japanese Bobtail

While not all Manx cats enjoy water, some do seem to have a higher tolerance for it compared to other breeds.


 With a water-resistant double coat, some Norwegian Forest Cats might not be averse to water-related activities.

Norwegian Forest Cat