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Best Dog-Friendly Breweries In The U.S.

This brewery not only welcomes dogs but also donates a portion of its proceeds to local animal shelters.

Three Dog Night Brewing Company  (Los Angeles, California)

Stoup Brewing has a large outdoor seating area where dogs are welcome. They often have food trucks on-site, making it a great spot for both humans and their canine companions.

Stoup Brewing  (Seattle, Washington)

Boneyard Beer has a spacious outdoor patio where dogs are allowed. They even have water bowls and treats available for four-legged visitors.

Boneyard Beer  (Bend, Oregon) 

Green Flash has a dog-friendly outdoor beer garden where you can relax with your pup. They frequently organize dog-friendly events and fundraisers.

Green Flash Brewing Co. (San Diego, California)

Rhinegeist Brewery has a rooftop deck that welcomes dogs, providing beautiful views of the city. They often have food trucks and live music, creating a lively atmosphere for both humans and dogs.

Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio)

This dog-friendly brewery offers a spacious patio where dogs are welcome. They specialize in craft lagers and frequently host events that are dog-friendly.

Wibby Brewing (Longmont, Colorado)

Night Shift Brewing has an outdoor area called "The Owl's Nest" that is dog-friendly. They offer a variety of beers and often have food trucks available.

Night Shift Brewing (Everett, Massachusetts)

Bell's Brewery has a dog-friendly outdoor beer garden where you can enjoy their renowned craft beers. They often have live music and events that welcome dogs.

Bell's Brewery (Kalamazoo, Michigan)