Ancient beauty treatments from around the world

Egyptian Milk Bath: Ancient Egyptians, including Cleopatra, were known for their luxurious milk baths.

Greek Olive Oil: Greeks used olive oil not only for cooking but also as a beauty treatment.

Roman Bathhouses: Romans built elaborate bathhouses where people would soak, steam, and have massages.

Tahitian Monoi Oil: In Tahiti, monoi oil is made by infusing coconut oil with tiare flowers.

Chinese Herbal Remedies: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes various herbal remedies and acupuncture for maintaining balance and promoting healthy skin.

Hammam in the Middle East: The hammam, or public bathhouse, is a cultural tradition in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mayan Aloe Vera: Mayans used aloe vera for its healing and moisturizing properties. They applied it to soothe sunburns and skin irritations.

Native American Clay Masks: Indigenous tribes in North America used natural clay masks for purification and skin detoxification.