American Wildlife Viewing

Great Smoky 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has amazing views and places to look for black bears, deer, and other animals.


Step into a world with snakes and strange birds! Through its wide wetlands, Everglades National Park is a great place to see wild animals.


Yellowstone National Park is a great place to see the wonders of nature. It's an animal lover's dream because it has bison, wolves, and beautiful geysers.

Grand Teton 

Get ready to be amazed! Grand Teton National Park has beautiful scenery and a wide range of animals, like elk and moose.


At Denali National Park, you can find wild nature. Keep an eye out for grizzlies and reindeer that are free to roam.


The coast is a beautiful place to be. You can see beautiful peregrine falcons and harbor seals in Acadia National Park.

Rocky Mountain 

Experience the beauty of the Rockies! Elks, bighorn sheep, and beautiful alpine landscapes live in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Look at the big trees in the forest! Redwood National and State Parks have tall trees and lots of different kinds of birds.


A great trove of animals is waiting for you! In Glacier National Park, you can see mountain goats and seals having fun.


Let your spirit of adventure out! Bighorn sheep and bobcats are exciting animals to see in Zion National Park.

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