Airlines In Latin America Finally Getting A Lift

Recent years have been rough for Latin American airlines. Like September 11th for U.S. airlines

COVID-19 exposed alignment faults in models, fleet capacity, passenger appeals, and prices for Latin American airlines, with serious ramifications that are only now subsiding.

At least 64 airlines worldwide have closed by 2020. Latin America may contribute 20%. Aeromexico, LATAM, and Avianca are definitely southern Chapter 11-seekers.

Recent airline devastation, whether due to pandemic-related global shutdown, inability to compete commercially, expensive taxes, complex rules, or political turmoil, will have lasting effects.

American carriers have restructured before. It includes Delta, America West, US Airways, Continental, Northwest, Eastern, and American. Certain entities merged, restructured, or closed.

Latin America's shakeout has helped LATAM, Aeromexico, and Avianca recover, strengthening them. In recent weeks, Delta-owned Aeromexico has been extending its flight and route network after the FAA removed it from Category 1 status.

After finding that Mexican flight restrictions did not meet ICAO safety criteria, the U.S. agency awarded Mexican carriers Category 2 classification for two years.

Covid hurt LATAM. The Chilean airline filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2020, becoming the largest pandemic-related airline failure.

After restructuring its debt and showing a modernized fleet, better financial condition, and 35% less debt, the airline left protection status in July.

The first three cabin sections have 2 × 2 premium seats. Drinks, elbows, and personal things fit on each seat's center console. Each seat has recline, USB, and device holders.

Sections four through fourteen have USB outlets, reclining backs, headrests, and device compartments. Behind them is row 15–32 economy seats. 

These seats have electric outlets and holders but no reclining. Seat design development will continue into the following year.

International flights on Avianca's Boeing 787 have business class flatbed seats.

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