9 Ways To Be Much More Body Confident

Remind yourself how pointless fad diets are

If you find yourself tempted to make drastic changes in order to achieve your ‘ideal’ body shape, don’t!

Dress and shop for your body today

When it comes to choosing an outfit, it is important to dress for your body as it is. Remind yourself that your body will never be quite the same again, so it should be celebrated today!

Rest up

Perhaps easier said than done, but make sure you get enough rest. It is impossible to feel confident if you are sleep deprived and run down.

Dress unapologetically

It also does not hurt to dress in bright colors! Unsurprisingly, dressing in unapologetic, bold colors has been shown to lift our mood.

Get on and exercise

Again, this one may be easier said than done, but try to push through any insecurities related to exercise.

Make sure changes are small and easy

If you do want to change your body for some reason, make sure those changes are small and easy.

Dress for your character

Another good tip when it comes to dressing for body confidence is to dress for your character, rather than your physical shape.

Buy great exercise clothes

This is a shameless contradiction to the point above about sustainable fashion, but if something is going to make you work out, buy it!

Tailor your social media feeds

Unfollow any accounts you find particularly triggering, and follow accounts that are actively focused on building positive body image instead.

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