9 'Unhealthy' Foods That Are Actually Not That Bad for You

Eggs: Once feared for cholesterol, they're now recognized as a nutritious source of protein and various essential nutrients.

 Potatoes: Despite high carbs, they're rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, especially with the skin.

Dark Chocolate: In moderation, it provides antioxidants and health benefits without being as detrimental as some other sweets.

 Coffee: Moderation has health benefits, including antioxidants and improved cognitive function.

 Nuts: Despite calorie and fat content, they're packed with healthy fats, protein, and essential nutrients.

Cheese: Some types are rich in calcium and protein, but moderation is key due to calorie and fat content.

Avocado: Calorie-dense but loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and vitamins, making them a nutritious addition.

Popcorn: Air-popped without excessive butter or oil, it's a healthy whole-grain snack with fiber and antioxidants.