9 U.S. Cities For Exercise Junkies


Enjoy the great outdoors in Boulder, Colorado, with activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking, all set against a backdrop of stunning mountain scenery.

San Diego

Surfing, yoga, and seaside runs are all possible in San Diego's mild climate throughout the year.


This city is known for its pedestrian and bicycle friendliness and actively promotes these modes of transportation.


Stay active with the city's thriving fitness scene, miles of parks, and Colorado River watersports.


There is a wide variety of fitness activities available in the area, from Cascades trekking to Puget Sound kayaking.


Denver, Colorado is a recreationist's dream with its proximity to world-class skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.


Minneapolis, Minnesota has skyways and indoor workout facilities to help you stay active all year.

San Francisco

The beautiful paths in San Francisco, California, have made the city a mecca for fitness technology and outdoor recreation.


 A historic city with a riverfront path perfect for jogging, cycling, and strolling.

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