9 Short Natural Hairstyles You’ll Want To Flaunt All Year Long

1. Tapered Cut

A tapered cut with shorter sides and back while leaving more length on top creates a sophisticated and edgy look that accentuates natural curls or texture.

2. Frohawk

This style involves shaping the hair on the sides into two or more flat twists or braids, leaving the center portion (the "hawk") to showcase the natural volume and texture.

3. Twist-Out or Braid-Out

 After twisting or braiding damp hair and allowing it to dry, unraveling the twists or braids results in defined, bouncy curls or waves, offering a stylish and textured look.

4. Short Afro

 Embrace the natural texture and volume of your hair with a classic short afro. Maintain the shape with regular trims for a neat and stylish appearance.

5. Curly Pixie Cut

 A pixie cut with curly or coily hair adds volume and texture, creating a playful and chic look that's easy to style and maintain.

6. Flat Twists Or Cornrows

Flat twists or cornrows can be styled into various patterns and designs, providing a sleek and stylish option that can be worn for weeks at a time.

7. Finger Coils

This style involves coiling small sections of hair around your fingers to enhance natural curl definition, resulting in a coil or spiral pattern.

8. Faux Hawk With Braids

Combine braids on the sides of your head while leaving the center section unbraided to create a stylish faux hawk that emphasizes texture and volume.

9. Short Box Braids

 Opt for shorter box braids that are easier to manage and style, providing a chic and protective hairstyle with versatility.

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