9 Best Places To See In Washington D.C.

1.) Go Inside The White House

Visit Washington's White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue houses the president. The world's most famous residence is hard to enter. Of course! White House visits require Congressman approval.

2.) Stroll the National Mall

Visit the National Mall's best museums and monuments. Between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial is the mall. Washington D.C.'s mall is great for walking on a nice day. 

3.) Visit the U.S. Capitol Building

Tour the Capitol, where lawmakers decide national decisions. Contact your US state Senator or Representative for Capitol tour clearance. Foreigners can buy outside official trips. One of my favorite DC landmarks. It’s clear. 

4.) Gorge on delicious food

Visit the Good Stuff Eatery for some of the city's best burgers and shakes while exploring this great city. Georgetown Cupcake has a wide variety of fresh-baked cupcakes in every flavor.

5.) Tour the Library of Congress

World's largest library is Library of Congress. History buffs get free one-hour building tours. Washington D.C.'s most gorgeous spot.The Library's finest treasures are shown in several galleries.

6.) Explore at the Smithsonian Museums

D.C. boasts a Smithsonian Museum for everyone with 18 world-class institutions. National Air and Space Museum and Museum of Natural History are popular. DC's museums are massive. After walking the Mall, these three are convenient.

7.) See the Lincoln Memorial

The Potomac River's Lincoln Memorial is the city's most famous memorial. After photographing the seated marble 16th President, turn around to see the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument at dusk.

8.) Visit the International Spy Museum.

The largest collection of espionage items in the world is at the museum, which provides a global perspective on spies. With interactive displays, exhibitions, and a 1965 lipstick pistol.

9.) Step back in time in Alexandria, Virginia

Visit Alexandria, across the river from D.C.This charming colonial village in D.C. offers government-free getaway.Visit Alexandria's 18th- and 19th-century architecture, cafés, boutiques, and arts and culture scene.

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