8 Store-Bought Hot Dogs That Don't Use Pure Beef & 8 That Do

Ball Park: Ball Park offers a variety of hot dogs, but not all of them are pure beef. Some of their products may contain a blend of meats, including pork and chicken.

Oscar Mayer: Oscar Mayer has a range of hot dog products, and not all of them are made with pure beef. They also offer options with a mix of meats.

Hillshire Farm: Hillshire Farm produces hot dogs that often include a mixture of pork, beef, and chicken.

Nathan's Famous: While Nathan's Famous is well-known for its beef franks, they also produce hot dogs that contain a blend of meats.

Eckrich: Eckrich offers a variety of hot dogs, and some of their products are not 100% beef. They may contain a combination of pork and beef.

Bar-S: Bar-S hot dogs are affordable options but are typically made with a mix of meats, including pork and turkey.

Aidells: Aidells makes gourmet sausages and hot dogs, but some of their hot dog varieties are not pure beef and may include other meats or ingredients.

Hebrew National: Hebrew National produces kosher hot dogs, and while they are known for their beef franks, they also offer poultry and beef franks.