8 Eye Makeup Looks For Brown Eyes To Try For Yourself

1. Bronze Smoky Eye

Warm bronze enhances brown eyes. Place bronze eyeshadow on the lids and mix a darker brown or black hue into the crease for depth. Apply black eyeliner and mascara for definition.

2. Purple

Purple complements brown eyes well. Try plum, lavender, or deep violet. Create a gradient by applying a lighter purple to the lids and a darker one to the corners.

3. Gold Shimmer

Gold eyeshadows highlight brown eyes. Apply a glittering gold hue to the lids and a darker brown or bronze to the outer corners to define. For brightness, highlight the inner corners with lighter gold.

4. Classic Winged Eyeliner

This look highlights brown eyes' shape and color. Winged flicks with liquid or gel eyeliner are elegant and distinct.

5. Smokey Cat Eye

Combine seductive smokey eyes with cat eyes. Apply dark eyeshadow on the lash line and winged it out. Blend edges for smokiness and apply mascara for emphasis.

6. Earth Tones

 Use taupe, terracotta, or copper. Create depth by using a lighter lid shade and a darker crease shade. Use brown eyeliner for a softer look.

7. Teal Accent

Teal or turquoise eyeshadows look great with brown eyes. Add vitality to the lower lash line or outer corners with teal.

7. Elegant Rose Gold

Brown eyes look great with rose gold. Apply rose gold eyeshadow to the lids and a light brown to the crease. Combine it with black eyeliner and mascara for sophistication.

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