8 White Flowers For a Timeless Garden

1. Angel's Trumpet

Container-grown trumpet-shaped white flowers. It grows anywhere. Its nighttime scent evokes a moonlit stroll.

2. Casablanca Lily

They are simple to cultivate on the boundaries of gardens, where their slender branches can rise above other perennials to show off their beautiful blossoms.

3. Mount Hood Daffodil

Mount Hood, the best white daffodil, is decades old. The 5-inch trumpet-shaped flowers start out pale yellow but quickly turn pure white.

4. Summer Snowflake

Summer snowflake blooms in spring, despite its name. However, the word "snowdrop" describes the flower's form. On delicate arching stems, fragrant bell-shaped flowers bloom for a long period.

5. Ornamental Onion

In late spring and early summer, white giant will outshine other onion varieties. Hundreds of snow-white florets with vivid green eyes fill the white globes.

6. White Gaura

White gaura is a lovely addition to your garden's other blossoms. White gaura weaves with other plants in a diverse border.

7. Snowdrops

Snowdrops bloom early in spring and provide pollinators with nectar. It signals spring and a new gardening season.

 8. White Tulips

White tulips signal spring and garden tranquillity. Because white accents all spring flowering plants, they are the easiest to mix.

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