3 First Date Red Flags to Watch Out For

Constantly Talking About Themselves: If your date dominates the conversation, shows little interest in your life, and doesn't ask you questions, it may indicate self-centeredness.

Negative Attitude: If your date consistently expresses negative opinions, complains, or is overly critical, it can be a sign of a pessimistic outlook.

Inappropriate Comments or Behavior: Watch for any disrespectful, offensive, or inappropriate comments or actions, as they can indicate a lack of respect or boundaries.

Inconsistent Stories: If your date's stories or information about themselves don't add up or seem inconsistent, it could be a sign of dishonesty.

 Excessive Drinking or Substance Use: Overindulgence in alcohol or other substances during a first date can be a red flag for potential addiction or lack of self-control.

Disrespectful Treatment: Pay attention to how your date treats service staff, as disrespectful or rude behavior can be a warning sign.

Pushy Behavior: If your date is too aggressive in pushing for physical intimacy or future commitments, it's important to set clear boundaries.

Avoidance of Personal Topics: If your date is evasive about personal topics or their past, it may indicate they have something to hide.