8 Common Household Items You Should Never Skimp On

Stand Mixer

If you do a lot of baking, experts say you can't go wrong with a quality stand mixer.

Chef's Knife

A dull, unwieldy knife can make cooking a dangerous chore when it should be a pleasure. A well-made chef's knife should feel good in the hand and last forever with proper care.


If you do a lot of ironing, a smooth-gliding steam iron is worth the investment. You don't have to spend a ton, but there's another reason not to go as cheap as possible.


Saving a little bit of cash isn't worth long nights of tossing and turning on scratchy bed sheets that disintegrate in the washer.

Fire Extinguisher

These products have short shelf lives, no pressure indicator, and may even help spread a grease fire, experts warn.

Toilet Paper

Most of us have experienced rough, scratchy toilet paper firsthand, so this one doesn't need a lot of explanation. Good Housekeeping recommends spending a bit more

Paper Towels

No, a paper towel won't be wiping your most delicate regions, but experts have found that pricier brands tend to absorb messes much better, without disintegrating in the middle of a messy cleanup.


Cheap paint is cheap for a reason, experts say. Practically, that means you need more coats of the cheap stuff, and it will need a lot more touch-ups in the future.