15 Valentine's Day Decor Pieces Worth Snagging at Amazon Before February Even Begins—All Under $30

Heart-Shaped String Lights: Add a romantic touch to any room with heart-shaped LED string lights.

Valentine's Day Pillow Covers: Swap out your regular pillow covers for Valentine's Day-themed ones with heart designs.

Red Rose Petals: Scatter red silk rose petals around the house for a romantic atmosphere.

Valentine's Day Table Runner: Dress up your dining table with a heart-printed table runner.

Love Letter Garland: Hang a love letter garland to celebrate the season of love.

Heart-Shaped Throw Blanket: Cozy up on the couch with a heart-shaped throw blanket.

Valentine's Day Wall Decals: Easily transform your walls with temporary heart decals and love quotes.

Heart-Shaped Candle Holders: Illuminate your space with heart-shaped candle holders and tea lights.