15 Supermarket Buys That Are a Huge Waste of Money

Bottled Water: Tap water is typically just as safe and clean, and buying bottled water can be expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Single-Serve Snacks: Individual portions of snacks like chips and cookies are usually more expensive per ounce than larger packages.

Pre-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Buying whole fruits and vegetables is usually more cost-effective than pre-cut options.

Gourmet Spices: Specialty spice blends or gourmet spices can be significantly pricier than basic, store-brand options.

Pre-Made Salads: Pre-packaged salads are often pricier than making your own at home with fresh ingredients.

Frozen Dinners: Frozen ready-to-eat meals can be costly compared to cooking from scratch or buying ingredients separately.

Name-Brand Medications: Generic over-the-counter medications are often identical to name brands and much cheaper.

Pre-Made Smoothies: Making your own smoothies at home is more cost-effective and allows for customization.