10 Worst U.S. Cities to Avoid in 2023 for Travel

1. Stockton, California

A high crime rate, a high poverty rate, a high cost of living, and an economy that is struggling all contribute to Stockton's low desirability.

2. Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield, California, has been criticized for its high crime rate, particularly in property crime and gang violence.

3. Camden, New Jersey

I passed Camden, NJ on the way to a concert, and we stopped at a light, and a cop drove up and literally told us "just run the reds and go do not stop

4. Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, is a major metropolis with a diversified population that, like many other large cities, has more than its fair share of criminal activity.

5. East ST. Louis, Illinois

One person shared their experience, saying, "East St. Louis is the only city I've been in where a cop told me to run every stop sign until I got back to the interstate."

6. Jackson, Mississippi

The city of Jackson, in the state of Mississippi, is notorious for its high rates of violent crime, drug-related crime, and property crime.

7. Miami, Florida

The city of Miami, Florida is huge and diversified, but like many other cities of its size, it also has its fair share of criminal activity.

8. Binghamton, New York

Reddit users have something to say about the city of Binghamton, which is widely regarded as being a miserable place to live.

9. Charleston, West Virginia

When I drove to a delicious Charleston barbecue place, every other house had burned down or was in disrepair.

10. Baltimore, Maryland

It would appear that stealing is a problem in Baltimore. The users of Reddit have something to say about the matter.

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