10 Secretive   Exotic Cities


Step into the mysterious world of Marrakech and explore its off-limits streets. Explore the busy souks, try spices from all over the world, and see traditional Berber shows.

Lost in Venice

Take a trip through the small streets and winding canals of Venice. Find out what this mysterious city, known for its romantic atmosphere and masked events, is hiding.


Learn about Kyoto's rich culture history as we show you the secret world of Geishas. Find out about their schooling, their skills as artists, and the amazing tea ceremonies.


Find the hidden treasures of Istanbul, such as old cisterns and mysterious tunnels. Find out about the city's past that is hidden beneath its busy streets.


Discover the secrets of Havana's Spanish past and enjoy the charm of its lively nightlife. Lose yourself in the sounds of salsa and look around the old plazas.


Don't be scared by the scary stories about spooky places and ghostly encounters in Bangkok. Hear about the stories and strange things that are said to happen in the city.


Travel back in time to Shanghai's Jazz Age and experience the glitz and mystery of the 1920s all over again. Learn about the city's golden age by going to the hidden speakeasies.

Rio de Janeiro

Look past the glitz of Rio's carnival to find less well-known places of interest. Find out about the local customs and the natural beauty of the area.


Cairo is full of architectural secrets, from the famous pyramids to the mysteries of the Sphinx. Find out what the ancient Egyptians believed and how they died.


Walk through the beautiful streets of Prague and feel like you're in a fairy tale. Find out the stories and tales about its castles, bridges, and other historic sites.

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