10 Things to Always Do Before Doing Laundry

Check Pockets: Always check clothing pockets for items like coins, keys, or tissues that could damage your washing machine or other clothes.

Sort Clothes: Separate laundry into different loads based on color, fabric type, and washing instructions. This prevents color bleeding and damage to delicate items.

Read Labels: Carefully read and follow the care labels on clothing to determine the appropriate washing temperature, cycle, and drying method.

Empty Lint Filter: If you're using a dryer, clean the lint filter to improve drying efficiency and reduce fire hazards.

Zip Zippers and Fasten Buttons: Zip up zippers, close hooks, and fasten buttons to prevent them from snagging on other clothing items.

Turn Clothes Inside Out: Turning clothes inside out helps preserve colors and reduce pilling on the fabric's outer surface.

Pre-treat Stains: Address any visible stains by applying stain remover or a pre-treatment solution to help lift and remove stains more effectively.

Empty Hampers: Make sure your laundry hamper or baskets are empty and ready to receive clean clothes once they're done.