10 Must-See American Attractions

Visit a National Park

National parks abound throughout America. The west's national parks are better known, while the east's might be very different. Visit a national park in the US.

Eat Hamburgers and Fries at a Classic Diner

A classic diner experience includes ordering a hamburger and fries or American breakfast.

Go to a Sporting Event

Americans adore baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Great sporting events happen every season.

Get Sauced From Ribs and Wings

BBQ is another must-have American experience. Style and states vary by region. North and South Carolina argue over sauce quality.

Attend Festivals or County Fair

Festivals and county fairs may occur year-round in small towns and cities. Try rides or fried Oreos.

See Museums in NYC or D.C.

NYC and D.C. have top museums. The Smithsonian and NYC's Met are famous.

Visit the Grand Canyon

People associate U.S. national parks with the Grand Canyon. It should be on everyone's bucket list.

Have a Thanksgiving Feast

Americans love to eat, and Thanksgiving is a great occasion. An American Thanksgiving feast is the best.

Go On A Road Trip

Massive U.S. You may be in another country in one to two hours. Tourists should try road vacations since Americans prefer them to flying.

Eating Mexican Food

Mexican food is native to Mexico, but many Mexican immigrants have merged it with other cultures to produce a delectable dish.

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