10 Gross Candies People Regret Ever Eating


This jelly bean game by Jelly Belly features flavors that can be either delicious or disgusting. Examples include stinky socks, rotten eggs, or canned dog food.

Durian Candy

Durian is a fruit known for its strong and pungent odor. Some candies attempt to capture its unique flavor, but the taste can be divisive and unpleasant for many.

Salted Licorice

Popular in Nordic countries, salted licorice candies have a salty and intense licorice flavor that can be an acquired taste and may not be enjoyable for everyone.

Bacon-Flavored Candy

While bacon is a beloved savory food, the taste of bacon-flavored candies can be off-putting for some due to the combination of sweet and smoky flavors.

Fish Candy

Certain candies imitate the taste of fish, such as Japanese fish-shaped candies with flavors like bonito or squid. These flavors might not be appealing to those unaccustomed to them.

Garlic Candy

Garlic has a strong and distinct flavor that is commonly used in savory dishes. Transforming it into candy form can be challenging for those expecting sweet flavors.

Black Licorice

Although black licorice is enjoyed by some, its strong and polarizing taste can be disliked by others, making it a candy that people may regret eating.

Vegemite Chocolate

Vegemite is a popular Australian spread made from yeast extract. Combining it with chocolate creates a unique and divisive flavor combination that might not suit everyone's taste buds.