10 forgotten McDonald’s menu items that failed

McDLT (1984-1990): The McDLT featured a unique packaging design that kept the hot beef patty separate from the cool lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Arch Deluxe (1996-2000): Marketed as a more upscale burger, the Arch Deluxe failed to attract customers and was eventually removed from the menu.

McLean Deluxe (1991-1996): Attempting to appeal to health-conscious consumers, the McLean Deluxe had a lower fat content due to a leaner beef patty made with carrageenan, seaweed extract.

McPizza (1989-2000): McDonald's ventured into pizza with the McPizza, but it struggled to compete with established pizza chains, and its preparation time was lengthy, leading to its discontinuation.

McSpaghetti (circa 1970s-1980s): McDonald's briefly offered spaghetti as a menu item, but it couldn't compete with traditional Italian restaurants.

McHot Dog (1980s): McDonald's experimented with hot dogs for a short period in certain regions, but the item was discontinued, likely due to difficulties in maintaining food safety standards.

Hula Burger (1962): Designed to cater to Catholics who abstain from meat on Fridays, the Hula Burger featured a pineapple slice and cheese on a bun.

McAfrika (2002): The McAfrika faced criticism for its name and timing, as it was released during a severe famine in Southern Africa.