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10 Foodie Errors EVERYONE Makes

Keeping canned soup for too long

Many of us like to hoard canned soup in our cupboards for chilly evenings and sick days. But those tins of tomato, mushroom or chicken soup don’t stay fresh forever.

Storing peanut butter the wrong way up

Find yourself having to mix the oil into the peanuts every time you open a jar? Store the container upside-down – it naturally disperses the oil evenly.

Pronouncing espresso wrong

Ever felt confused when deciding on your morning caffeine hit? Sometimes the trickiest bit is pronouncing your order.

Peeling ginger with a knife

If you use a knife to peel ginger, the knobbly nature of this root means you lose a lot of flesh. A way to prevent this is to scrape the skin off using a teaspoon

Storing cheese in clingfilm

Most cheese, especially fine cheese, needs to breathe so clingfilm should be avoided. Instead, wrap in cheese, waxed or greaseproof paper.

Cooking steak from the fridge

It's a mistake we all make, but something we can easily fix. Taking steak from the fridge and putting it straight in the pan places more risk on undercooked steak with a grey exterior.

Using the wrong knife

One of the biggest mistakes home cooks make is not using the right knife. A serrated knife cuts bread but is also good for slicing soft produce such as tomatoes and strawberries, and sawing through larger, tough items such as celeriac.

Keeping mayonnaise too long

It's easy to forget mayonnaise doesn’t have as long a shelf life as bottled goods such as ketchup or barbecue sauce. It can't be stored for months and months like non-dairy products.

Throwing away leftover dip

Don't throw it away. You can easily freeze dips like guacamole and hummus in ice cube trays or a zip-lock bag, so they are ready to go when you need them.

Slicing off kiwi skin

Trying to slice off the hairy skin of a kiwi can waste a lot of flesh in the process. A more efficient way is to cut it into rounds then pick the skin off. It will come away easily.

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