10 Extremely Irresponsible Purchases

1. The Expensive Gym Membership

Many people feel bad about spending a lot of money on a gym ticket they never use. Start with a low-cost choice so you don't waste money.

2. Trendy Clothes That Never Got Worn

Even though popular clothes bought on the spot may look great at first, they often end up in the closet and forgotten. Choose styles that will last instead.

3. Cheap and Unreliable Electronics

Don't give in to the temptation of cheap gadgets. They often break down quickly, leaving you frustrated and sorry you bought them. Invest in good names to make your money last.

4. Timeshare Investments

Even though timeshares offer luxury vacations, they often come with extra costs and less freedom. Think about other ways to spend a trip.

5. Pricey Organic Foods

People say that organic foods are healthy, but they can be pricey. Choose the organic things that are most important to you and save money on the rest.

6. DIY Home Repairs Gone Wrong

Not everyone can fix things. DIY home fixes can lead to mistakes that cost a lot of money. When you're not sure what to do, hire a pro.

7. Buying a car on the spot

When you buy a car on a whim, it can cost a lot to fix and maintain it. Before you decide, do a lot of study and take a test drive.

8. Overpriced Brand Name Products

Brand-name goods that are more expensive don't always mean that they are better quality. Look for cheaper options that have good reviews, and you'll save money.

9. Unused Subscriptions

Over time, monthly fees for services that aren't used add up. Look at your subscriptions to see which ones you really need and cancel the rest.

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