10 Everyday Items That Are Luxury Only In the US

Global Street Food

"American restaurants take foreign street cuisine, make it fancier, and sell it at a high markup. One suggested ramen and tacos.

Imported Fruits

"As someone who grew up in a country where mangoes are common fruit, it’s interesting to see how they are perceived as luxurious in the US." one more.


"Not sure of their country of origin, but seeing a bidet in someone’s residence, I instinctively assume fancy versus. Japan has them everywhere." user shared.

British Accent

In the United States, people tend to view speakers with British accents as being smart and high-class, regardless of where the speaker is from.

French Cuisine

French food. French food is generally considered "fancy" in the US and others. Priced accordingly. However, I doubt French people consider their regular food fancy." user shared.

Mercedes Benz

In spite of the fact that it sells more affordable models in certain other countries, the Mercedes Benz brand of automobiles is regarded as a premium product in the United States.

Travel Destinations

Europeans and Americans view travel destinations differently. Europeans may find the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean more exotic than Americans.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a brand of beer that is sold as a high-end and fancy drink in the United States. In Europe, it is seen as a cheap and simple drink.

Sparkling Water

U.S. sparkling water is sophisticated and snobbish. Restaurant water, not La Croix.""European restaurants serve Perrier when you order water, but the US does not," a user said.


A dish's perspective can change in another culture. "Bruschetta has been elevated in the US, perhaps due to its association with Italian cuisine and the popularity of Italian food," another added.

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