10 Dumbest Ways to Spend Time

Worrying About Others' Opinions

Over 17,000 online individuals think thinking about others is stupid. Most of the time, the people you worry about aren't thinking about you, and if they are, you can't change their minds.

Sitting in Traffic

Sitting in traffic is an example of a way to waste time. But one user says, "It's great and makes my drives a lot more enjoyable."

Getting Drunk

Getting so drunk that you don’t remember the night before and feeling sick the whole next day” is another stupid weekend activity. Users acknowledge to this "wild stupid phase.

Doom Scrolling

Negative news and posts are scrolled through. Most people find it hard to quit news intake, which is regarded hazardous. 

Complaining About Your Boring Life

Some folks grumble about their bad existence but do nothing about it. They'd rather waste hours on their phones and moan. 

Debating With Others

Most people aren't willing to see things from someone else's point of view, says a user to explain why debating is often a waste of time. 

Playing Slots

Especially the ones with a low RTP (return to player). You walk into a casino and see slot players with dead eyes. That s**t is sad to look at.

Leisure Activities You Dislike

Using your free time to do things you enjoy is a good way to spend it. But wasting your "chill time" on things you don't like is a waste of time. 

Gathering Fanfic Stories

When you discover you spent the whole weekend collecting fan fic stories and then deleting them out of guilt, it's ridiculous.

Hanging Out With Strangers

Socializing with loved ones is a beautiful and fun dance. But being a puppet with someone you don't like is strange and painful.

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